How to Create a Flat Rate Entry in a Matter


  • How to Create a Flat Fee Entry without creating a Flat Fee Matter
  • Add a Flat Rate Activity Description
  • Flat Fee Charge in Hourly Matter
  • Add additional Awards to Contingency Matters
  • Add a Flat Rate Activity Category
  • How to Create A Flat Rate Time Entry
  • Set up a Flat Fee Entry in a Matter
  • Set up Flat Fee


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

These steps are for cases when you already have a Matter, and you would like to simply apply a Flat Fee to the Matter.

You will only have to complete the first 6 steps once.



  1. Go to the Activities page
  2. Select Activity categories
  3. Click on Add activity category 
  4. Input a title in the Name field (e.g., Flat Fee)
  5. Set the Billing method to Flat Rate
  6. Click Save category
  7. Open the Matter
  8. Select Activities
  9. Select Add time
  10. Select the Activity category created above
  11. Fill out the remaining details for the Time entry
  12. Click Save entry


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