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How to Edit a Matter's Client


  • How do I update a Matter's Contact
  • How to change the client associated with a Matter 
  • I need to change the client listed under the Matter 
  • Move a Matter from one client to another
  • How to update a Matters client 
  • How to update the Contact associated with a Matter
  • How to change client associated with a Matter
  • How to edit a Contact on a Matter
  • Changing the client of a Matter
  • Swapping out the client of a Matter
  • How to reassign a Matter from one client to another
  • Changing Primary Contact


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If the Matter is on one or more multi-Matter Bills, to update the client, please void the associated Bill(s) first. Any Bills will then need to be regenerated and any payments re-applied. 


  1. Open the Matter 
  2. Select Edit matter
  3. Remove the client's name in the Client field 
  4. Type the new client's name in the field and select it from the drop-down menu 
  5. At the bottom, beside the Cancel button, check off the box Update the matter
  6. Select Save matter 
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