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How to Apply a Custom Rate to a Matter


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  • How To Edit Matter Billable Rate
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  • How to make a Matter Custom rate
  • Custom Matter Rate
  • This case has a reduced fee compared to my other cases 
  • Add a custom rate for a Matter
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  • Matter Custom Billing Rate


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Additional Information:

If Billing Preference is not one of the options, it may be due to billing visibility being set to none. For information on how to change the billing visibility, please see here 

If you are updating a Custom Rate on a Matter please note it will not automatically retroactively change the rate on existing Time Entries. You can, however, use these steps to bulk edit the rate on the existing Time Entries to reflect the new Matter Rate.

To update existing Activities in bulk to reflect a new rate, see here

If you are looking to add custom rates for multiple users, repeat steps 4 through 7 for each user. 


  1. Open the Matter 
  2. Select Edit Matter
  3. Click Billing preferences
  4. Click Add a custom rate 
  5. Choose the User or Group on the left dropdown
  6. Enter the appropriate Rate
  7. Click Save matter


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