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How Do I Bulk Import Contact Custom Fields Into Clio?


  • Import Contact Custom Fields into Clio Manage
  • Bulk upload Contact Custom Fields into Clio Manage
  • Add Contact Custom Field Information to the spreadsheet template 
  • Populate Contact Custom Fields CSV for import into Clio


  • Excel
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Custom Field Names in the Template must be an exact match to the fields created in Clio. Incorrect spelling, letter cases, or extra spacing in the spreadsheet will lead to errors.

  • Client first and last name must be an exact match to the Contact in Clio. If you have a client with the same name and require different custom fields for each client, this will need to be manually added. 

  • If importing Custom Field data to a large number of existing Contacts, export your contact list into a separate CSV and copy and paste the first and last names into their respective columns in the template

  • This import only works if the Custom Fields are not already applied to the Contact and will not change any information that is already entered in Custom Fields

  • On the Imports page, the State will change to Complete once the import is finished. The Successes will remain at 0 as no new Notes were imported, however the data will still be added to each field

  • The Custom Field must not be set as Required before importing the Custom Field data. If the Custom Field is set as Required, this must be adjusted within the Custom Field Settings before importing the CSV

  • The Custom Field must not be set as Default before importing the Custom Field data. If the Custom Field is set as Default, this may cause your import to fail with the error message: "duplicate values found in row ID"  Once the import has been completed you may then set your Custom Field as Default.

  • Dates: dates need to be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Checkbox: values should be True (Checked) or False (Unchecked)


  1. Create the relevant Custom Fields in Clio (if they do not already exist)
  2. Open this template
  3. Populate the spreadsheet with your Contact Custom Fields information:
    • first_name, last_name and company_name: This should match exactly to the first/last/company names listed in the Contacts section
    • Update the other column headers to exactly match the name of each Custom Field which you created in Step 1, and populate each columns with their respective data. (Type yes or no in the custom field columns.
  4. Save the file in CSV format
  5. Import the file by following the steps below:
    • Open Clio's Import page:
      • For North American accounts, click here
      • For European accounts, click here
    • Click Add
    • Under Import select Notes from CSV
    • Click Choose File
    • Select the CSV file you saved in step 4
    • Click Upload File

*Please note that Custom Fields that include special characters (?, :, /, etc) will not import into Clio.

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