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How to Import Data into Contact Custom Fields


  • Bulk populate Contact Custom Fields
  • Import Contact Custom Fields through a CSV
  • Bulk upload data to custom fields


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Custom Field names must be an exact match (including spacing) to those in Clio
  • Client first and last name must be an exact match to the Contact in Clio
  • If importing Custom Field data to a large number of existing Contacts, export your contact list into a separate CSV and copy and paste the first and last names into their respective columns in the template
  • This import only works for blank Custom Fields and will not change any information that is already entered in Custom Fields
  • On the Imports page, the State will change to Complete once the import is finished. The Successes will remain at 0 as no new Notes were imported, however the data will still be added to each field
  • The Custom Field must not be set as Required before importing the Custom Field data. If the Custom Field is set as Required, this must be adjusted within the Custom Field Settings before importing the CSV


  1. Create the relevant Custom Fields in Clio (if they do not already exist)
  2. Download the attached template at the bottom of this article 
  3. Update the headers to exactly match the name of each Custom Field to which you are importing
  4. Populate columns A and B with the clients' first and last names
  5. Add Custom Field data
  6. Save the file in CSV format
  7. Go to https://app.clio.com/imports
  8. Click Add
  9. From the Import dropdown box, select Notes from CSV
  10. Click Choose File
  11. Locate to the prepared Custom Field CSV file on your computer
  12. Click Upload File
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