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How to Create a Report for Time Entries


  • Reporting for Billed Time Entries for a specific Matter 
  • I'm trying to print out a cumulative Bill belonging to a client
  • How do I show my billables for a week or a month 
  • Want to show a report of my Activities
  • Timesheet export
  • Timesheet report
  • How to Filter Time Entries for a Report
  • How can I see my total billable hours for last month?
  • How to see total billable hours


  • Clio Web App
  • Activities 

Additional Information:

  • If you want to export all Entries for your entire account, across all users and Matters, please see these instructions: How to Export All Time Entries  


  1. Select Activities 
  2. Select Filters 
  3. Under Firm user make the appropriate selection (either for an individual or all users) 
  4. In the Invoice status field you can choose to look for Billed or Unbilled entries. (Leave this blank if you want to include both.)
  5. Enter in the Matter name in the Matter Field if you want to look for a specific Matter.
  6. If you want to search for a specific Activity Category, choose it in the Category field.
  7. Select Apply Filters 
  8. To filter by a date range, along the top of the list you can either choose a date range, or use the filter for Today, This Week This Month, or This Year.
  9. At the bottom, select Export 
  10. Under Select export format choose either PDF for a printable list, or CSV for an excel format
  11. Select Export


To See How Much Total Bill Hours: follow steps 1-3 but additionally, select date range in question, follow 7-11 if applicable. 

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