KCS - How to Make a Matter Billable or Non-Billable


  • Enable billing on a case
  • Display Matters with wip within Billable Clients
  • Stop a monthly Bill from being generated for a non-billable Matter
  • How to Remove a Matter from Billable Clients
  • How to disable billing for a Matter
  • How to put a Matter on hold


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

A Matter cannot be changed to Non-Billable if that Matter has an outstanding Bill. See here for more details.


Previous Clio:

  1. Navigate to the Matter
  2. Select the blue Edit button
  3. Under Matter Billing check or uncheck the box This Matter is billable
  4. Select green Update Matter button

New Clio Experience:

  1. Edit the Matter
  2. Under Billing Preferences check or uncheck Matter is Billable
  3. Save Matter
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