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How to Record a Direct Payment


  • Accept a Cash or Check Payment
  • Add an offline Payment to a Bill
  • How to apply a cash payment
  • Receive a cash payment on an invoice
  • Record a direct payment by card
  • Record cash payment
  • Record cheque payment
  • How do I record a payment?
  • Record a Paypal payment
  • Record a Zelle payment
  • Record a Venmo payment
  • Record different payment sources


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

You will only be able to apply a Payment to a Bill that has been approved and is in the "Unpaid" state.


There are several more specific source options available in the drop-down menu to help you gain better accuracy and visibility into payment preferences and data among your clients.


  1. View the Bill 
  2. Click Record Payment 
  3. Select Direct Payment under the Source drop-down menu
  4. Choose between Direct - Check, Direct - Cash, Credit Card, Other - LawPay, Other - Paypal, Other - Zelle, Other - Venmo, Other, eCheck
  5. Check that the Destination is set to your preferred account
  6. Click Record Payment
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