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KCS - How to put VAT number onto All Invoices


  • How to include VAT number on Bills


  • Clio Web App
  • Bills
  • Bill Themes

Additional Information:

This process requires Administrator privileges to edit your Firm's Account and Payment Info.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Account and Payment Info
  2. Enter in the VAT number within the Fax field and select to Save New Information
  3. Navigate back to your main Settings page
  4. Select Billing and then the Bill Themes sub-tab from this page.
  5. Select the Bill Theme you will be adding VAT to
  6. Select Firm Information > Address
  7. Check the box Include Firm Fax Number
  8. Select Localizations > Firm Information
  9. Change the Fax: field to VAT
  10. Select the green SAVE button
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