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How to Generate a Bill with Tax on it


  • Apply a Tax to a Bill
  • Generate a Bill with Tax on it
  • Bulk apply Taxes to an invoice
  • How do I add tax to an invoice?


  • Clio Web App
  • Bills

Additional Information:

You will need to have your taxes set up. Click here to set up your taxes.

To apply a Secondary Tax as well, select the box beside Apply Secondary Tax after Step 5.

If your Bill is already generated and you want to apply Tax after the fact, please see this article


  1. Click Bills on the top black ribbon
  2. Click Billable Clients
  3. Select the box beside the Matter/Client you wish to Bill
    • You can use the Filters button at the top-right to select a specific Client or Matter
  4. Click Generate that appears at the top of the list
  5. Select the box beside Apply Tax
  6. Click Generate Bills
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