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New Clio Experience: Working with Matters


The Matters List
Creating Matters
Viewing Matters

The Matters List

The new Matters list table has been updated to allow you more control over how you filter and locate your Matters.

  1. Status buttons - Quickly filter Matters in the table by status.
  2. New customizable columns - Display or hide an expanded list of Matter columns so that you only see the information that is relevant to you. You can also include up to five columns for Matter custom fields.
  3. Filters - We've added the ability to filter Matters by client and made the keyword search more readily available.
  4. Action buttons - Edit a Matter or create a Quick Bill from the "Actions" buttons.
  5. Multiple Matter selection checkboxes - Select multiple Matters to change Matter status in bulk.

Creating Matters

The "Create new Matter" form layout reduces unnecessary white space resulting in less searching and scrolling when creating a new Matter. 


  1. Required Matter information - All of the most important Matter fields have been moved to the top of the page
  2. Collapsible sections - Additional areas of Matter information have been moved to collapsible sections that can be expanded when needed
  3. Related Contacts - New: add Related Contacts to a Matter while creating the Matter 

Viewing Matters

The Matter details page has been given an entirely new layout with all of the most important Matter information grouped together in "cards" on the "Dashboard" tab.


  1. Matter tabs - Where possible, Matter tabs have been updated to be consistent with the new look and functionality found across the new Clio experience
    • "Dashboard" replaces the "Info" tab
    • "Activities" replaces the "Time" and "Expenses" tabs  
    • "Client" and "Contacts" tabs have been removed with that information now appearing on the Matter Dashboard
  2. Financial card - Displays a snapshot of the Matter's financial health. Quickly create a Quick Bill, add time, or add an expense
  3. Contacts card - Replaces the "Client" and "Contacts" tabs. Click on a Contact name to view their contact information.
  4. Timeline - Replaces the Matter Firm Feed
  5. Custom Fields - Moved to their own card to improve visibility


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