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New Clio Experience: Global Updates

The new Clio experience brings important updates that can be seen in every page of the app. These updates include:

  • Faster loading times across the app
  • New navigation layout
  • The ability to create new items in Clio from any page
  • New "Recents" menu to quickly access the Contacts and Matters you're working with
  • New tables with great filtering and view options


Collapsible Navigation
Global Create
Recents Menu
New Data Tables with Customizable Columns

Collapsible Navigation

By moving the main navigation to the left of the screen, the navigation takes up less vertical space and no longer pushes information down on the screen. The navigation menu can also be collapsed to further reduce the amount of room that it takes up. 



Global Create

The "Create New" menu button in the Clio header allows you to create new items from any page. Currently, you can create the following from the "Create New" menu:

  • Activity entries
  • Matters
  • Contacts
  • Payments
  • Trust Requests
  • Communication logs
  • Secure Messages


Recents Menu

In the new Clio experience, the right-hand sidebar has been removed and in its place a "Recents" menu was added to the Clio header. The "Recents" menu allows you to quickly access the Matters and Contacts that you are currently working on.


New Data Tables with Customizable Columns

Tables across Clio have been completely refreshed to help you find important files and information at a glance.


  1. Segment buttons - Sort information in tables by type or status without reloading the page
  2. Keyword filter - Keyword filter fields have been placed more prominently in the header of each table
  3. Customizable columns - Open the "Columns" menu to select which columns should be visible or hidden in each table
  4. Action buttons - Quick actions have been moved to a new menu button with the most common action visible by default 
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