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How Do I Set Up Data Escrow?


  • Create a backup of Clio data
  • Sync to an Amazon S3 Bucket


  • Clio Manage
  • Amazon

Additional Information:

  • Access to Data Escrow is available to subscribers of our Boutique, and Elite plans
  • Customers in EMEA can find details on whether they are eligible for this integration here.

  • Amazon S3 is a cloud-based storage system. On a weekly basis, Clio can archive important data to an S3 account owned by you.
  • An Amazon account is required to use Clio's Data Escrow service
  • S3 Buckets must have a unique name
  • Operating an Amazon S3 Bucket does incur a cost (pennies per Gigabyte). For the cost in your region, see https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing 
  • For more on locating your S3 account Secret Key, see here


Retrieve your Secret and Access Keys:

  1. Go to https://console.aws.amazon.com/iam/home?#/home
  2. From the navigation menu, click Users
  3. Select your IAM user name
  4. Click User Actions, and then click Manage Access Keys
  5. Click Create Access Key

Create your S3 Bucket through Clio:

  1. In a new tab in your web browser log into Clio
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Data Escrow
  4. Copy your Access Key (above) into the Access Key field
  5. Copy your Secret Key (above) into the Secret Key field 
  6. Click Save Data Escrow Settings


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