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Can I Remove The Clio ID in the Quickbooks Online Display Name?


  • Is it possible to remove the Client Number in Quickbooks Online?
  • What will happen if I remove the Clio ID from the Client name in Quickbooks Online?


  • Quickbooks Online
  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Once a contact is synced from Clio into Quickbooks Online, changes made to the contact names and details will not affect Clio's ability to sync. Please be aware that changes to the contact's first name (or company name for a company contact), last name, email address, phone numbers, and address will sync back into Clio.
  • For more information on contact syncing to Quickbooks Online click here.


Yes, the Clio ID (IE Clio (137495628) in the "Customer display name" field can be removed if needed.

We strongly recommend keeping this however, as a reference to the contact in your Clio account, as well as an indicator of contacts that were created by Clio.

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