KCS - How To Add A Line Item To A Bill


  • How To add items to Bill.
  • How to add time to a Bill in Draft.
  • How to add time to a Bill in Awaiting Payment. 
  • How to add an expense to a Bill in Draft.
  • How to add an expense to a Bill in Awaiting Payment. 


  • Clio Web App
  • Bills > Draft
  • Bills > Pending Approval
  • Bills > Awaiting Payment 

Additional Information:

In order to add a line item to a Bill in Awaiting Payment you will need to ensure the setting is enabled. This article on How To Edit An Approved Bill will guide you through the process of turning this setting on. 

If you tick the box to Create new record"/"Create new time entry record?"/"Create new expense record? you will create a matching entry in the Matter.

If you're in Previous Clio, once you click Create New Record you will then be able to assign the line item to a timekeeper.


Previous Clio

  1. Go to the Bill 
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Add Item 
  4. Input the information 
  5. Click Update Invoice

New Clio

  1. Locate the Bill
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click on Add time or Add expense
  4. Input the details for the entry
  5. Click Save (or Save and add another)
  6. Click Save Invoice
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