KCS - How to Display a Client's Trust Ledger on a Bill


  • Showing Trust information on Bill Themes
  • Include Trust Account information on a Bill Theme
  • Add Client retainer information to a Bill
  • Add Trust account history to Bill Theme
  • How to Add Trust information to Bills 


  • Clio Web App 

Additional Information:

  • If the client has no Trust transactions, nothing will appear on the Bill.
  • Optional: If desired, you can also check off Only show Trust amounts for matters on the bill and/or Include matter-to-matter transfer transactions

  • Account Summary will only show the total account balance. Account Details will list all transactions.


1. Select Settings 
2. Select Billing 
3. Select Bill Themes subtab
4. Click the image of the Bill Theme you wish to edit
5. Select Statement of Accounts 
6. Select Client Account 
7. Change "Show Client Account Information" to Account Summary or Account Details

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