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How To Send An Internal Message From Clio


  • How to send a private message to Client or Contact
  • How to send a Direct Message via Clio Connect
  • How to communicate an internal message to a firm member or firm user
  • How to send a secure message


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

You can send a Secure Message to any of your Contacts with an email address in Clio.  

If the recipient is a Clio user in your firm or a Clio Connect user, they will receive the message. Otherwise, they will be prompted to create a Clio Connect account before they can access the message.

Please note, Clio users in your firm may wish to enable email notifications for secure messages. 


  1. Go to Communications
  2. Select New Internal Message
  3. Fill the appropriate information into the MatterFrom, and To fields
  4. Add the message in the Subject and Body fields
  5. Click Send Message
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