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Unable to Make a Payment from Trust


  • Funds are available in the Trust Account but cannot pay a Bill
  • Receiving the following error when making a Payment from Trust: "Sorry, the Payment wasn’t saved due to the following errors: one or more of the source Accounts has insufficient funds. Please revise the Payment amount."


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • There are two places that Trust Funds can be held:
    • Client level (Available for any of that Client's Matters)
    • Matter level (Funds that are specific to that Matter).
  • When a Payment is made from the Trust Account, the Bill Payment window will default to the Client level.  


  • The funds are stored at the Matter level but the Client level is selected when a Payment is recorded. 


  1. Open the Bill 
  2. Select Record Payment 
  3. Change the Source field to the Trust Account 
  4. Change the Source Balance Type to Matter
  5. Select Receive Payment 


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