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How To Report on Time and Activities for a Co-Counsel


  • To view revenue/money generated by a Co-Counsel
  • To view total hours/time generated by a Co-Counsel
  • To view types of Activities generated by a Co-Counsel
  • View total time entered by CoCounsel in Clio Connect
  • Filter Time Entries for a contractor


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • A Co-Counsel will not show up as a User in the User dropdown list when filtering Activities or Reports but they will show up under All Users.
  • For additional information on Managing Co-Counsels click here.


For Time or Revenue:

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Click on the Productivity By User Report
  3. Select the Co-Counsel User 
  4. Select PDF as the Output Format
  5. Click Generate Report

For Activities:

  1. Go to Activities
  2. Choose Time
  3. Enter the appropriate date range (in the start and end date fields at the top of the list)
  4. Click on Filters
  5. Choose All Users in the "Firm user" field
  6. Make any other filter selections needed
  7. Click Apply filters
  8. Click on Export
  9. Open the file in Excel
  10. Create a Table with the Totals Row in Excel and filter by User:

    • Hit Ctrl and A simultaneously on your keyboard, to select all cells with data
    • Click on the Insert ribbon and select Table
    • In the Create Table window, make sure that 'My table has headers' is checked, then click OK
    • Right-click anywhere in the table and choose Table Totals Row
    • Scroll down to the Totals Row, click into the cell for Hours and select "Sum"
    • Click into the Amount cell in the Totals Row and select "Sum"
    • At the top of the list, click into the dropdown for User and deselect the other users, leaving just the appropriate attorney


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