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Can I Delete all Calendar Entries at Once?


  • Delete (reset) all calendar entries associated with a specific calendar
  • Reset Calendar
  • Wipe Calendar
  • Delete all events
  • Bulk delete Calendar events
  • Remove all Calendar events


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Bulk Operations allow users to make significant and irreversible account-wide changes. Users must apply great caution when working on this page, as completed Bulk Operations cannot be undone



1. Navigate to

2. Click Add, and select Reset Calendar from the drop-down menu.

3. Under the "Calendar" drop-down menu, select the calendar you want to reset 

4. Click Generate Preview

      Wait for the preview to finish. This may take a while. Once it is complete, click "Preview". (Please refresh the browser page to see if the preview is completed.)

5. The Preview page will provide details about exactly what will change as a result of the operation. Review this carefully; once you are sure you'd like to proceed, click "Confirm Deletion", which will bring you back to this page. If you do not want to proceed, you can click "Cancel".

6. To start the operation, click "Perform Operation". Once it is started, it cannot be stopped. This also may take a while.


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