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Is There a Way to Merge Contacts?


  • To merge unique information/data for Contacts/clients that are for the same person
  • To merge unique information/data for Matters/cases/files that relate to the same issue
  • To consolidate multiple Contacts or multiple Matters into one location
  • Merge duplicate contacts
  • Delete repetitive contact in Clio
  • Merging duplicate clients
  • Combine Clients
  • Can I merge two contacts?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This does not apply to true identical/duplicate Contacts that contain exactly the same information in both Contacts. To delete true identical/duplicate Contacts click here.
  • Bills and any associated Payments are linked at the Matter level; changing the Client on a Matter will link those items to the new Client
  • If you have a large number of Notes to move between the duplicate Clients, use these instructions to move them in bulk: How to Export Notes for a Single Matter or Contact and How Do I Import Contact Notes Into Clio?


There is no option to merge individual Contacts together.

In order to consolidate this information follow the steps listed below:

Important: Note that, by the end of this process, one of the Contacts (with the combined information from both) will remain and the other Contact (the one with less associated information) will be deleted. For clarity, we will call them the primary Contact (will have the combined information) and the secondary Contact (will be deleted).

  1. Click on Contacts 
  2. Find the secondary Contact (the one with less associated information) and click Edit
  3. Change the Last Name of the secondary Contact by adding a "2"
  4. Click the Save contact button

Reassign the Matters:

  1. You should now be looking at the secondary Contact's Dashboard
  2. For each Matter in the Client's matters area:
    1. Click the Edit button
    2. In the Client field, select the primary Contact (does not have a "2" in its name)
    3. (Optional) Check off the Update matter number checkbox to apply any updates to the Matter number that changing the Client might bring about
    4. Click the Save matter button

Correct the Associated Matters:

  1. For each Matter in the Associated matters area:
    1. Note the specific Matter and Relationship
    2. Click the Edit button
    3. Click Delete
    4. Confirm the decision by clicking the Delete relationship button
    5. Add the relationship for this Matter (as noted in step 1) using the primary Contact after the secondary Contact is removed

Move any remaining resources from the secondary Contact to the primary Contact:

  1. For each Email or Phone Log in Communications:
    1. Click the Edit button
    2. Remove the secondary Contact from the To or From field and replace them with the primary Contact
    3. Click the Save email log (or Save phone log) button
  2. For each entry in Notes (see the Additional Information section if you have a large amount of notes on the secondary Contact):
    1. Click the Edit button
    2. Copy the SubjectNote, and Date to a new Note on the primary Contact
    3. Click the Cancel button
  3. For Documents, use the following instructions: How to Move Documents in Clio

Complete the process:

  1. When you are very certain that all of the information has been moved from the secondary Contact to the primary Contact, click the Edit button for the secondary Contact
  2. Click the Delete contact button
  3. Read everything in the Delete contact window that appears to understand the consequences of this process
  4. Check off the I confirm that I understand the consequences of this action. checkbox
  5. Click the Delete contact button
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