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My Bill in Clio is Not Syncing to QuickBooks Online


  • Invoice doesn't sync to QB Online


  • Clio Manage
  • QuickBooks Online

Additional Information:



There are multiple reasons why a Bill created in Clio may not be syncing to QuickBooks Online.


Please verify that:

  1. Clio is currently syncing with QuickBooks Online
  2. The bill is not in a Draft state (Bills in Draft state will not sync)
  3. The bill is issued on a date that Clio is syncing
  4. Please try deleting the Direct Payment and re-entering to prompt a re-sync
  5. The Clio Contact has synced  as a Customer in QuickBooks Online
  6. There are no duplicate Customers in QuickBooks Online, including Inactive Customers
  7. The correct up to date Tax Rate is selected in Quickbooks Settings in Clio
  8. If Taxes are applied to your invoice you may need to check here
  9. Contact Clio Support (see here
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