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What Happens if I Deactivate a User in Clio Manage?


  • If we remove users (licenses) from our account, what data do we lose?
  • What happens if we deactivate a user?
  • Is information lost when a user is Deactivated?
  • Deactivated users recorded information


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:

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  • A user that has been Deactivated will no longer be able to sign in to Clio Manage. If the user is currently logged in, once the screen refreshes they will be logged out of Clio
  • You can choose to remove the licenses on your next bill. If you uncheck this box, the license will remain open on your account.

What work could be impacted by deactivating a user:

  • Matters
    • If they are still assigned as the ‘Responsible Attorney’ for any active or pending matter, you will be prompted to reassign this work. How do I reassign work from users
    • Although no data will be deleted, matters with permissions set to "Me” by this user may not be accessible (even to Account Owner/Admins).
    • If the user was assigned to a matter as the 'Originating/Responsible Attorney', after deactivation the user's name will still appear on the matter with '(Inactive)' in front, i.e. '(Inactive) John Doe'. if the 'Originating/Responsible Attorney' is changed to a different active user, then it cannot be changed back to the deactivated user. Also, the deactivated user will not appear as an option to be assigned as 'Originating/Responsible Attorney' on any new matter.
  • Tasks
  • Events
    • If they are still the owner of events assigned to any active or pending matter, you will be prompted to reassign this work. How do I reassign work from users
    • If the user has created any Zoom meetings, the link will be removed from the event.
    • Their calendar will be removed from all Clio Accounts.
  • Secure Messages
    • Although no data will be deleted, secure messages with this user may not be accessible; (even to Account Owner/Admins) the user account would need to be reactivated to see the Secure Messages. 
    • If the Secure Message thread is attached to a Matter, or involves any other active Clio Users, the Secure Messages will remain visible 


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