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What Happens if I Deactivate a User in Clio Manage


  • If we remove users (licenses) from our account, what data do we lose?
  • What happens if we deactivate a user?
  • Is information lost when a user is Deactivated?


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:

If you are an annual subscriber, you will have one open license with which to add/reactivate another user. If you do not wish to activate another user, please Remove the License to avoid being charged for an extra license when you renew.


  • A user that has been Deactivated will no longer be able to sign in to Clio.
  • If you are on a Monthly subscription, on your next bill cycle you will no longer be charged for this user.
  • Any Time or Expense Entries created by the user will not be deleted and will remain assigned to them—you can still generate Bills for these activities. (How Do I Find The Time Entries of a Deactivated User?)
  • Although no data will be deleted, some data such as Matters assigned to "Just me", calendars owned by the user, and Secure Messages, may not be accessible (even to Account Owner/Admins) unless the user is reactivated. You may change the login email of the Deactivated user to an email account you control if you wish to access this data.
  • Secure Messages, Notes and Tasks will all remain in the system
  • If the user is currently logged in, once the screen refreshes they will be logged out of Clio
  • When a user is disabled their Calendar will be removed from all Clio Accounts.
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