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KCS - Why Can’t I find a Matter?


  • To link information/data to a closed matter/case/file.
  • To find/search for a closed matter when linking time, notes, documents, tasks, contacts, activities etc.


  • Clio Web App
  • Matters

Additional Information:

  • To learn more about changing the state of a Matter click here.
  • To learn more about accessing Closed Matters click here.
  • To learn more about Matter Permissions click here


  • A Matter will not show up when typing into a Matter field if it is closed. You will need to go into the Matter and re-open it in order for it to appear in any drop down menus. In addition, new information can not be added to the Matter while it remains in the Closed state.


  • The Matter has restricted Permissions. Ensure that the User who created that Matter, set the Matter Permissions so either Everyone or Group was picked and not Just Me. This information can be found when you Edit the Matter. Once you click Edit on the Matter, scroll to the bottom of the page.
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