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Why Can’t I Find a Matter?


  • To link information/data to a closed Matter/case/file.
  • To find/search for a closed Matter when linking time, notes, documents, tasks, contacts, activities etc.
  • Why am I not able to see Matters I know I definitely have in Clio?
  • Why can't I see my Matters? I had more than this. 
  • Why can't I find a Matter that I know is in Clio
  • Why can't I view a Matter?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • To learn more about changing the state of a Matter, click here.
  • To learn more about accessing Closed Matters, click here.
  • To learn more about Matter Permissions, click here
  • Please note that even if you are the Primary Subscriber or an Administrator, if someone has the Matter Permission set to "Me", the only person that will be able to see this Matter is the person that set the Permission to "Me". When the Matter Permission is set to "Me", only that person will be able to change the Matter Permission to anything else, for others to be able to view the Matter.


  • The Matter is closed. You will need to go into the Matter and re-open it in order for it to appear in any drop-down menus.

  • The Matter has restricted Permissions. Ensure that the User who created that Matter set the Matter Permissions to either Everyone or a Permissions Group, and not Me. This information can be found when you Edit the Matter, under Permissions. Once you edit the Permissions on the Matter, be sure to save the Matter.

  • If the Matter Permissions are set to a Permission Group, you may not be a part of that Group or the incorrect Group may be on the Matter. You can go into Settings > Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles and in the Groups subtab, add yourself to each Permission group to see if you can then see the Matter, to ensure that the correct group has been assigned to this Matter. Be sure to remove yourself from the Groups afterward. 

  • The User who created the Matter is deactivated and the Matter Permissions are set to Me. In order to recover the Matter, you will need to temporarily reactivate the User, login as the User, click Edit Matter and set the Matter Permissions to either Everyone or a Permissions Group, and not Me.

  • The User created a separate Clio account, and is not logged into the correct account. 
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