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How to Share a Matter With Co-Counsel


  • How to Share a Matter With Co-Counsel
  • Share a Matter/Case/File with a Co-Counsel to Record Time and Expenses
  • Add a Co-Counsel Billing Rate when Sharing a Matter
  • Create a Clio-Connect account so Co-Counsel to view shared Matter details


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Connect

Additional Information:

  • You can view which Matters are being Shared by clicking on Clio Connect and Sharing in the Settings tab.
  • For information about Co-Counsel reporting click here.
  • A Co-Counsel must already be a Contact in Clio in order to share Matters with them.
  • If you are a Clio user, you can toggle between your Clio and Clio Connect account to view the Shared Matters. For more information on that, click here


  1. Find the Matter that you want to share with a Co-Counsel
  2. Click the Share, in the top right
  3. Type in the Co-Counsel Contact under Client name(s)
  4. Check off Notify contacts via email, to make sure they're alerted
  5. Click Share
  6. Check the Use Co-Counsel Rate box
  7. Enter Amount in Co-Counsel Rate 
  8. Click anywhere outside the field
  9. Notification will pop up if successful
  10. Click Close 


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