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KCS - How To Share a Matter with a Co-Counsel


  • To share a Matter/case/file with a Co-Counsel in order for them to record time/hours and expenses.
  • To add a Co-Counsel billing rate when sharing a Matter.
  • To create a Clio-Connect account for a Co-Counsel to view Matter details, Client information, the Contacts tab with all of the relationships individuals may have with this Matter, Notes, Time Entries and Communications.


  • Clio Web App
  • Clio Connect
  • Matters

Additional Information:

  • You can view which Matters are being Shared from the Matters tab or by clicking on Clio Connect and Sharing in the Settings tab.
  • For information about Co-Counsel reporting click here.
  • A Co-Counsel must already be a Contact in Clio in order to share Matters with them.


  1. Click Matters
  2. Find the Matter that you want to share with a Co-Counsel and click Clio Connect
  3. Type in the Co-Counsel Contact under Select Contacts for Sharing
  4. Click Share Matter  to notify the Contact
  5. Add the billing Rate for the Co-Counsel
  6. Click Update Rate
  7. Exit the pop up module


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