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What happens When You Assign a User to a Task List?


  • What does use template assignees do?
  • What is use list assignee?
  • Will all my tasks get reassigned to the user I assign in a task list?


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For each Task created within a Task List, you have the option to select a User or Use List Assignee. When assigning an entire Task List, you can Use Template Assignees or assign to a specific User. 

The following will occur depending on your scenario:



  1. If every task within that list is assigned to a specific user or multiple users:
    • when assigning the entire Task List to a user (Ex. User A), all assignees for every task within that list will be reassigned to User A
    • when you assign the entire Task List to Use Template Assignees, the original users you assigned each individual task to will remain
  2. If one or more tasks within that list are assigned to Use List Assignee:
    • when assigning the entire Task List to User A, all individual tasks that had the selection Use List Assignee will now be assigned to User A. All other tasks (that originally had specific users assigned) will remain assigned to the original user
    • There will be no option to Use Template Assignees


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