Can I Assign Two Clients to a Matter?


  • Assigning multiple clients per Matter 
  • Add more than one Contact to a Matter
  • Adding more than one Client to a Matter
  • Two (2) Clients per Matter
  • Set up multiple clients for the same matter


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:

  • At this time you are only able to have one primary Client per Matter in Clio, however some general methods of doing this are listed below
  • This article also provides more detailed steps for reflecting multiple clients within a single Matter


No, not at this time.

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  1. If John Smith and Jane Smith are the people you want to attach to one Matter, you can create a new Contact with "John & Jane" in the First Name field and "Smith" in the Last Name field.
  2. In the Contact card, you could use the first line of the 'Street' field to be the full address of the first Client, the second line would be the second Client's full name, the third line would be the second Client's full address, and then leave the City, State and Zip fields blank. In this way you would have both Clients' names and addresses on the Bill.
  3. You could also create a Matter or Contact Custom Field, call it "Additional Client", for example, and have the "Type" set to "Contact Select". For further steps on how to create a Custom Field, please see the following: Custom Fields: Creating Contact & Matter Custom Fields & Sets.
  4. Alternately, once the Matter has been created, you can add the second Client as a related contact from the Contacts sub-tab of the Matter itself. For instructions, please see: Adding Related Contacts to a Matter


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