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KCS- Can I Assign Two Clients to a Matter?


  • Assigning multiple clients per Matter 


  • Clio Web App 

Additional Information:

  • At this time, you are only able to have one primary Client per Matter in Clio, however some general methods of doing this are listed below
  • This article also provides more detailed steps in reflecting multiple clients within a single Matter


  • If John Smith and Jane Smith are the people you want to attach to one Matter, you can create a new Contact with "John & Jane" in the First Name field and "Smith" in the Last Name field.
  • You could also create a Matter or Contact Custom Field, call it "Additional Client", for example, and have the "Type" set to "Contact Select". For further steps on how to create a Custom Field, please see the following: Custom Fields: Creating Contact & Matter Custom Fields & Sets.
  • Alternately, once the Matter has been created, you can add the second Client as a related contact from the Contacts sub-tab of the Matter itself. For instructions, please see: Adding Related Contacts to a Matter


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