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My Card Failed to Bill. What Happens Now?


  • I got an email saying my card didn't process
  • If my card fails to process what happens? 
  • I'm receiving a Payment Error 
  • I'm locked out of my account, how can I access my account to update payment?
  • My account is suspended; how can I get this unsuspended?
  • Clio subscription credit card payment failed/bounced
  • How many times will Clio try to charge my credit card when my account is in payment error?
  • Payment error
  • Clio subscription Payment error
  • How often is my credit card charged?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Please note that Clio will only hold information pertaining to a cancelled account for 90 days after cancellation. After the 90 days have passed the data will be purged from the Clio system as per our Terms of Service.


When a card fails to process the Clio account moves from a Paid state into Payment Error. After the card fails to process 3 additional attempts across 9 days, the account will move into a temporary Suspended state. If the account is in a Suspended state for 30 days and a card has not successfully been billed, the account is then Cancelled.

If the Account is Suspended or Cancelled, you can contact Clio Support at +1-888-858-2546 ext 2 to have the account re-enabled. We are now open 24/5 PDT, so give us a call anytime at your closest convenience. 

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