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How to Split a Bill


  • Splitting Invoices between two parties 
  • How to Split a Bill between two Clients 
  • How to charge two Clients for a Matter or Invoice 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

If you are using the FasterLaw suite, there are other options for splitting bills.

Procedure 1:

Remove entries from one bill and generate a second bill

  1. Open the bill
  2. Click Edit on the top right (or More actions and Edit, if it's an approved bill)
  3. Click Remove at the bottom for all the entries you'd like on a separate bill (if you're unable to remove, you would need to enable editing of approved bills)
  4. Click Save invoice
  5. Generate the second invoice


Procedure 2:

Download two separate copies of the invoice, changing the client on the matter to properly reflect the addressee

  1. Generate an invoice covering all the Time and Expenses you want to be paid for
  2. Edit this invoice and discount 50% from the subtotal
  3. Download the invoice for the client
  4. Create the other party as a Contact in Clio
  5. Edit the Matter and change the client to the other party
  6. Download the invoice for the other party
  7. Edit the Matter and change the client back to the original client
  8. Edit the invoice and remove the 50% discount


Procedure 3:

Create two invoices which are addressed to each payor and which divide the subtotal equally

  1. Create both clients as contacts in Clio
  2. Create two Matters, one for each contact
  3. On each Matter, create a Custom Field linking to the other Matter (so that it will be easy to navigate from one to the other)
  4. Enter Time and Expenses twice - once in each Matter
  5. Discount each invoice 50% to arrive at the correct total payment amount


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