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Is There a Way to Merge Matters in Clio Manage?


  • To combine unique information/data for Matters/cases/files that relate to the same issue
  • To consolidate multiple Matters into one location
  • To remove duplicate Matters


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


There is no option to merge individual Matters together. In order to consolidate this information follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Open in each Matter in a separate tab in your browser
  2. Review the details and information in each sub-tab to determine which Matter has less information associated with it
  3. Go into each sub-tab of that Matter and edit the entries to link them with the other Matter
    • Time Entries can be edited in bulk by users with Administrator Permissions
    • Bills and Payments must be voided/deleted so that the associated Time and Expense Entries can be edited (you can then recreate them after moving the entries to the other Matter)
    • Documents can be moved in bulk
  4. Check the Details of each Matter to ensure that all fields have been appropriately populated in the Matter that you are keeping
  5. Delete the other Matter

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