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KCS - Is there a way to merge Matters?


  • To merge unique information/data for Matters/cases/files that relate to the same issue.
  • To consolidate multiple Matters into one location.


  • Clio Web App
  • Matters

Additional Information:

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There is no option to merge individual Matters together. In order to consolidate this information follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Click on Matters 
  2. Find the Matter that has less associated information and click Edit
  3. Go into all tabs of the Matter and link the information to the other Matter ( i.e. Client, Transactions, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, Time*, Expenses*, Bills*, Documents, Communications, Clio Connect)
  4. From the Matter or main Matters page Delete the Matter

*If there are any Bills with payments on them then these payments would first need to be deleted before moving over information from Bills, Time and Expenses.

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