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How to Record a Credit Card Payment


  • How to manually enter a credit card payment 
  • How to apply a credit card payment for a client 
  • How to pay a Bill with a Credit Card
  • How to pay an Invoice with a Credit Card
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Post Payment to Clients Account


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Payments

Additional Information:

If you are recharging a client's card, the steps are very similar. We have a screenshot of what this will look like here: How Do I Recharge a Client's Credit Card in Clio Manage? 


  1. Click Billing on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Locate the Bill in question (Use Filters on the right to assist in searching)
  3. Click on the dropdown next to Send and choose Charge Credit Card or Record Payment from the dropdown as seen in the image below:Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_10.45.09_AM.png
  4. On the Record Payment Screen, click the Record Payment button at the bottom left
      • If the client has no stored credit card information, proceed with entering their details in the form:Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_10.45.25_AM.png
      • If the client does have stored credit card information, you may proceed with it or click on Replace with another card to use another credit card:
  5. Fill out all other fields accordingly
  6. Click Review Payment and review the payment details to ensure they are correct
  7. Click Submit Payment Screen_Shot_2022-04-19_at_10.45.46_AM.png
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