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Webinar: Setting up Clio for Success

Join our Customer Success and Training teams as we walk through how to best set up a new Clio account to better enable you to efficiently work with the Clio tools. During this session we will cover Matter Numbering, Custom Fields, Billing Templates, Task Lists, Billing Rates, Permissions, and Billing Templates. Following these steps will save you time in, and help you better customize, your Clio account.

What's covered

Throughout the presentation different questions are posed. Do your best to answer along! Pause when the "Active Poll Running" slide is displayed so that you can take your time to explore your account.

During this session we discuss:

  • Permissions
  • Billing Rates
  • Custom Fields
  • Matter Numbering
  • Practice Areas
  • Billing Templates
  • We end the session with some discussion around training resources, and our Support site.

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