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When I Add a New User to a Monthly Clio Subscription, When Is My Card Charged?


  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Adding a new User costs/fees
  • Charged for adding a new user
  • Updated subscription cost
  • If I Add a User, How are they Billed?
  • Will Adding a User Increase my Monthly Fee?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Only Users with Administrator permissions can add additional users. Since Clio is a per user per license subscription, adding additional users will impact monthly billing costs.

If you are looking to find your historical subscription receipts, this article will show you where to find them: How to Access your Clio Subscription Receipts in Clio Manage


Note: You may still be on the previous version of Clio Manage's user management for a short period of time. Please refer to Clio Manage User License Management for information on User License Management.

For the previous version of Clio Manage's user management system:

  • The additional costs for adding a User will be reflected on the next billing cycle for monthly subscriptions.

For the new version of Clio Manage's license management system:

  • New licenses will be charged immediately. When a license is added, a prorated charge that covers the time between the date the license was added and their next billing date will occur immediately.

If you have questions on which billing system you are on, please contact Support at 1-888-858-2546 x2 or by using the Live Chat option in Clio.

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