Quickbooks Error Code: (6000)


  • Quickbooks Error Code (6000): Business Validation Error: You must set a transaction amount
  • Quickbooks Error Code (6000): Business Validation Error: You can not modify a list element that has been deleted


  • Clio Web App
  • Bill Syncing
  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information:

  • The error message will further specify what information it is looking to adjust, so this means it will say Payment, Credit Note, Tax, etc. There should be no effect on the sync.
  • For a full list of Quickbook Error Codes click here.
  • To find Quickbooks errors click here.


  1. A transaction was entered as $0.00. Possible multi-matter bill where they entered a payment for one of the Matters but didn't pay the others. 
  2. A Contact in Quickbooks Online was made inactive.
  3. A payment was applied to the Bill before the payment or credit note synced over the Quickbooks. 
  4. The bill is a different currency from the currency that is normally used in Clio. 


Go into the specific payment / credit note / tax line, and enter an amount in the payment field.


Activate the Contact within Quickbooks.


If you have a bill in Clio that uses a different currency, manually create bills that use alternate currencies in Quickbooks. 



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