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Quickbooks Undeposited Funds Error


  • Quickbooks Sync Failures display Error Message: "The Undeposited Funds account is not found in your QuickBooks Online account. As a result, Clio is unable to sync refunds."


  • Clio Manage
  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information:


  • Either the Un-deposited Funds account was deleted in QBO, or the Un-deposited Funds account has incorrect settings enabled.


  1. If you don't see the Un-deposited Funds account:
    In the Chart of Accounts, click the gear icon on the right, then enable the "Include Inactive" checkbox
  2. If the account exists, edit the account to ensure it has the following Settings:
    Category Type: Current assets
    Detail Type: Undeposited Funds
    Is NOT a sub-account
  3. If neither of these resolves the issue, call Support at 1-888-858-2546


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