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How to Apply One Payment to Multiple Bills


  • Use a single fee to pay off more than one client invoice
  • Pay more than one Bill at once
  • Bulk pay Bills for one client
  • Record Bulk Payment for a Client
  • Recording Payment for all outstanding owed
  • Apply a Bulk Clio Payment
  • Apply a blanket Payment
  • How to pay multiple Bills at once 
  • How to pay the entire overdue balance
  • How to apply one payment to two Bills
  • How to pay two Bills at the same time


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

There is an invoice limit of 50 invoices per Client that can be paid at one time through the Record Payment window.

There is also an invoice limit of 200 per page so you will only see the oldest 200 bills for that client in the Record Payment window.

Payments will be applied in full from oldest bill to newest. 


  1. Click on Billing
  2. Select Record payment
  3. Type the client's name in the Client field
  4. Fill out Source, Payment Date, Destination, and Reference (if applicable)
  5. Enter the amount paid to the firm in the Payment amount field
    • Optionally, update the payment total on each invoice
  6. Click Record Payment
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