How to Add Trust Funds to a Client


  • Record a Retainer to a Client
  • Add funds to Trust
  • Add funds to IOLTA
  • Add funds to IOLA
  • Add funds to Retainer account for a Contact
  • Deposit Money to Escrow Account
  • How To Record A Transaction To A Client


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:


  1. Go the Client you want to apply the funds to
  2. Click the Transactions sub-tab
  3. Click the Blue New Transaction button on the right side
  4. Select the appropriate account for Trust funds
  5. Enter the amount and any other relevant information (not the Matter)
  6. Click Record Transaction
  7. The amount has now been deposited.
    • You can edit or delete the Transaction from the Transactions Tab on the Client's Contact page.


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