KCS - Why Do the Productivity and Revenue Reports Differ Compared to the Activities Report?


  • The Activities Report displays different values compared to the Productivity Report and Revenue Reports


  • Clio Web App
  • Reports
  • Activities 

Additional Information:

  • The Activities page shows a non-historical (as they stand today) representation of your Time Entries. The Productivity and Revenue Reports will display time Historically (as it stood within your filtered range).


The Billed column in the Productivity by User Report and Revenue Report displays hours billed for the date range, while the Activities Export displays hours entered for the date range.   

For example, with Unbilled Time:

  • A Time Entry has a date of January 15th. A Bill is generated that includes it, on February 1st.
  • If you filter Activities for January, it will say that Time Entry was in that period, and is Billed.
  • If you generate a Productivity or Revenue Report for January, it will say that Time is from January and include it in Unbilled.
  • If you generate a Productivity or Revenue Report for February, it will include that time in Billed but not Unbilled.
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