KCS - How to Create a Quick Bill


  • Creating a Quick Bill 
  • Where to create a Quick Bill


  • Clio Web App
  • New Clio Experience 

Additional Information:

At this time the only places to generate a Quick Bill from in the new Clio is the Matter Dashboard and the individual Contact page.


  1. Open the Matter you would like to create a New Quick Bill for 
  2. On the Dashboard select Quick Bill 
    • (Optional) Click Add a time entry or Add an expense entry to include entries on the Bill that have not yet been created in the Matter (an entry will then be saved in the Matter once the Bill is generated)
    • (Optional) Click on the to the right of entries that you do not wish to include on the Bill (entries that were already saved in the Matter will still be saved)
  3. Select Generate Bill 
  4. Select View Bill 
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