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How to Locate a Calendar Event ID


  • Find a Calendar Event's ID number
  • Where can I find an Event ID?
  • Where do I find a Calendar Event ID?
  • Locate Calendar Event ID


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Google Chrome

  1. Right-click on the calendar entry
  2. Click Inspect
  3. Right-click on the same calendar entry again
  4. Click Inspect again
  5. You will see the Elements tab selected on the top right side with blue and red code
  6. Scroll up and find the data-entry-id= phrase in red
  7. Or type Command+F or Ctrl+F on your keyboard and in the search bar type in data-entry-id and find the data-entry-id= phrase in red. This step will give you multiple results, so click on the arrow beside X of Y - ie - 1 of 7 results and make sure that the event you want is highlighted on the calendar on the left.
  8. The value in front of the pipe "|" is the Calendar ID, the value after the pipe is the Calendar Event ID

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