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Why can't I Pay an Invoice with Trust funds? I can see there are Trust funds in the Client account.


  • No Trust funds showing when trying to transfer funds, but it says there is a Trust Fund balance.
  • No Trust funds showing when trying to pay a Bill in all Matters and Client level, but it says there is a Trust Fund balance.


  • Clio Manage
  • Bills
  • Accounts

Additional Information:

Ensure the account you are looking at belongs to the contact the matter is associated with. For example, funds in a Company's Trust cannot be used to pay Bills for a Matter under an Employee's name.

If you choose to delete the transactions, be careful if it is a payment on an Invoice, as this will cause the Invoice to be pushed back into "Awaiting Payment", and can no longer have a payment applied to it as it not attached to a Matter. 

You will need to delete the Invoice to have associated Time Entries and Expenses released and added to a different Matter if you wish for them to be Billed.


The money in the Trust will look like it's on the Client level as there will be no Matter attached. In actuality, it will be attached to a Matter that has since been deleted. If this is the case, the transaction will not show the Matter, making it appear like it is on the Client level.

When making a payment from the Trust account Client level, and when trying to transfer funds, this money will not appear as it is actually in the deleted Matter and cannot be transferred or used in a payment. 


  1. Delete the transactions from the deleted Matter 
  2. Add the transaction in the new/proper Matter/Client
  3. Make Payment on Invoice with Trust Funds now in the proper place
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