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How To Print A Client's Bill History

Bill Timeline - is here!

Bill Timeline will enable you and your firm's personnel to see the history of a bill so that you can respond to your client’s billing-related questions promptly and with confidence! 

This feature is available to all Clio Manage customers. Everyone at your firm who has billing permissions will have access to this feature.


  • How to print all of a client's bills.
  • How to access a complete list of a client's bills 
  • Print bill history


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:



  1. Go to Billing
  2. All Bills
  3. Click Filter 
  4. Search for the Client 
  5. Click Apply Filter/Search 
  6. Click Print 
Go to Billing > All
Click Filter
Search for the Client
Select all the Bills
Click Apply Filter/Search
Click Send button and Print


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