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How Can I Improve Clio's Speed?


  • Is there anything I can do on my part to increase the speed of Clio?
  • Improving Clio 
  • Making Clio faster
  • Clio is slow
  • Clio is not working 
  • How to make Clio faster 
  • Improve Clio performance
  • Minimize Clio latency


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

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  1. Use Google Chrome and ensure it's up to date. For instructions on updating Google Chrome, click here
  2. Ensure you have high-speed internet. For instructions on testing your internet speed, click here
  3. Clear the cache on your browser once every two weeks. For instructions on clearing your browser's cache, click here
  4. Restart your computer once a day
  5. Defragment your computer regularly unless you have a Mac, which defragments automatically
  6. Check your browser for any Extensions that scan or actively protects your browsing experience and disable it ie. antivirus or antimalware  


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