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Why Does the Client's Uploaded Document Appear Under the Contact's Documents Tab Instead of Within the Matter?


  • Location of Client's shared Document(s) 
  • Where is the Document that my Client uploaded in Clio Connect?
  • Where is a Document saved when it has been uploaded in Clio Connect by my Client?
  • Why are client uploaded documents not uploaded into the matter?



  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Connect

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When a Client uploads a Document into Clio Connect, it will automatically link it to the Contact and not their Matter.

If you want the Client's uploaded Documents to show up under the Matter, you can create a shared folder under the Matter's Documents subtab and share it with your Client and ask them to upload any Documents into that folder in Clio Connect.

Optionally, you can move the Document from the Contact to the Matter if uploaded outside of a shared folder.



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