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Archiving Internal Messages

When in your Inbox on the Communications tab, you can view all internal messages (formerly secure messages) that you have sent or received. If you have a lot of internal messages, you may want to archive some of them so that they aren't cluttering your Inbox (but so that they can still be referenced). This article will detail the steps to archive internal messages.


Archiving internal messages
Viewing archived internal messages

Archiving Internal Messages

1. In the Communications page, go to the Internal messages tab.


2. On the internal message you want to archive, click the dropdown menu and then select Archive.


3. A modal is displayed warning you that the message will be permanently removed from the Inbox. Click Archive thread to continue.


Viewing Archived Internal Messages

By default, the Inbox displays only unarchived internal messages. You can change the Filter settings in order to view archived internal messages.



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